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Smart Waste Management 

Creating a cleaner planet, one smart bin at a time.

Image of a way too full garbage bin.
Garbbage truck collecting garbage.

Eliminate wasted resources on needless trips to empty waste bins.


IoT Smart sensor

Discover our compact sensor, effortlessly installable in any waste bin or large container. It continuously measures the fill level and communicates the data to the cloud.

Image of CTO installing a sensor
Image render of IoT smart sensor

How Does It Work?

Our sensor deploys infrared light, bouncing off any materials within the waste bin. This method yields precise, instantaneous distance calculations to assess the fill level. Moreover, we're capable of generating a detailed 3D mapping of the bin's interior.

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Analysis

Our fill level sensor relays data to the cloud, offering real-time monitoring of your waste bins. Utilizing historical fill level data and machine learning algorithms, our system helps optimize waste collection schedules, even predicting fill times days in advance.

Animation of trash bins connected to cloud
Guy with PC looking at chart of fill levels
Gargabe truck
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